Handmade Baseball Gloves

Broken In Gloves

Baseball gloves aren't like most things you buy online. Would you ever buy a book with pages already dog-eared and notes already written in the margins? Would you ever buy clothing that had already been worn and torn? Would you ever buy shoes that already had holes in the soles?

No. But you would buy a baseball glove that was already broken in. In fact, most of our customers prefer it that way.

At HandmadeBaseballGloves.com, we treat our baseball gloves with the same materials that have been used to pre-age baseball gloves for generations.

Through our process, a new glove that was made by hand will soon come to look like a glove that has been around for years. The broken in glove not only looks well-worn – it feels that way, too, which means greater ease in closing the glove or securing the ball in the pocket.

Broken in baseball gloves are a great way to speed up the process and get your baseball glove in working order. A new glove that isn't broken in are like shoes that don't fit – awkward and painful (to your team's record if not to your hand).